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The organization runs programs that align with its objectives. Below are the listed programs:

1. Mental Health Table: The aim of this project will be to provide a safe space, a healthy coping mechanism, and Mental Health support/empowerment. This will be a free humanitarian service for all during Covid-19 and post-COVID-19 Eras through free Zoom E-coaching, E-training, E-Counselling/referrals with experience international mental health practitioners.

  • International Resilience Conference

  • Resilience Club/Group

  • Private Counselling and Training

  • Research

  • Outreach and Empowerment Programmes


2. International Resilience Conference: this is an annual conference that gathers world leaders, professionals on mental health, students, government, and private sector operators to discuss and implement strategies in dealing with major catastrophes caused by mental health issues. The (MEPPSS) strategy will be used to create a resilient world.

3. Resilience Club/Group: This is a club that meets monthly to interact, create awareness on mental health issues while imbibing a healthy lifestyle that will spark resilience. This club/group is made up of various members that might be mental health patients who might have been traumatized, practitioners (such as psychotherapists), etc.



  1. Self-evaluation 

  2. General counseling

  3. Exercises

  4. Mentorship 

4.  Private Counselling and Training: Our organization carries out exclusive and private counseling sessions aimed at helping patients recover. Counseling sessions vary from the need to need as we have a team of professionals that help in this area.

5. Research: one of the most important programs is to keep a record of and extensively research the issues that can cause trauma as well as the factors that can lead to a resilient generation. We invest time and resources in research to help patients and communities improve.

6. Outreach and Empowerment Programmes: we carry out outreach programs to rural and urban communities, sensitizing them and empowering them according to our missions and objectives. 

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