Mental health is key to the well being of each and everyone of us and at HRG we make it a point to create a safe space for everyone to share their issues and get the necessary help.


The aim of this project will be to provide a safe space, a healthy coping mechanism, and Mental Health support/empowerment. This will be a free humanitarian service for all during Covid-19 and post-COVID-19 Eras through free Zoom E-coaching, E-training, E-Counselling/referrals with experience international mental health practitioners.

  • International Resilience Conference

  • Resilience Club/Group

  • Private Counselling and Training

  • Research

  • Outreach and Empowerment Programmes


HRG e-Club is an online international club that meets once a month via Google Meets where HRG e-Club members meet to share their stories of inspirational resilience to encourage, inspire, and empower one another and, to discuss practical ways of rendering more support to members in need. To respect the privacy of e-Club members, some e-Club meeting content or member data is protected from public view.

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